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11 March 2021 | PaymentsSource

Lessons from Google Wallet pave QRails CEO’s path forward

For Brian Brinkley, innovation comes in waves, where the technology advancement is a prelude to the applied science that follows.

17 February 2021 | Nilson Report

QRails API-based Issuer Processing Service

Fintech QRails operates a cloud-based open API platform for mobile device-oriented applications focused on financial wellness. The company delivers apps through SDKs its customers can plug into their existing mobile wallets.

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Denver, Colorado (June 15, 2021)

QRails CEO Selected as a Top Financial Technology CEO of 2021

The role of employers must evolve to meet today’s realities, including the financial stressors that impact employee productivity and overall wellness. QRails is delivering a financial wellness platform to enable companies to address this challenge and improve their brands.

Denver, Colorado (January 27, 2021)

Google Wallet Co-Founder Appointed CEO of QRails

QRails​, a cloud-based, open API issuer processor enabling clients in the US, Latin America, and Europe to deliver earned wage access and other innovative digital payment solutions, today shared Brian Brinkley’s appointment as Chief Executive Officer.

Denver, Colorado (August 3, 2020)

Brian Brinkley Named Top 25 Financial Technology CTO

QRails​, a cloud-based, API driven issuer processor enabling clients in the US, Latin America, Europe and Australia to deliver innovative digital payment solutions, today announced that Chief Technology Officer Brian Brinkley has been named as a Top 25 Financial Technology CTO by The Financial Technology Report.

Denver, Colorado (September 20, 2019)

QRails Announces Easy Real-time Access to its Developer’s Sandbox

QRails, a cloud-based open API issuer processor offering essential payments infrastructure and services to businesses making digital payments, today announced that developers can now get API sandbox access directly from its website,